Gil Nunes

Who is Gil?

Gil Nunes is a 24 year old graphic designer from Portugal. His interests range from Graphic Design, to Illustration and also Photography. With a degree in Equipment Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon (2007-2010), and a Graphic Design annual course at Restart (2010-2011), Gil is currently working as a freelancer.

Gil got the chance of working as an intern at the creative communication atelier Loja das Maquetas!; Pulp Design; City Print, and others. Also, was one of the lucky chosen on the program “Open Doors” at the advertising agency BBDO Portugal, in August 2011.

Wherever he looks, whatever he does, he always has a creative and critical analysis, usually with the aim of inspiring his work. Gil also spins the decks, while performing as a Drum & Bass DJ, as a hobby, and has had the chance of playing at large clubs, to major promoters and shared the DJ booth with big national and even international DJs.

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